5 Reasons Shooting Glasses are Important

Introduction to the importance of shooting glasses

Shooting glasses are something we’ve been taught from an early age to always have on when we are partaking in shooting sports or hunting; range time, or simply observing near the line of fire. It might be because the marketers are really good at their jobs, but it might also be because we only get a single set of eyes in this lifetime.

Aside from the fact that shooting a firearm means you are putting your face very close to a controlled explosion, there are several other reasons shooting glasses are important. By the way, the fact that there is an explosion happening near your eyes is quite important. Controlled or not, it makes sense to be protective in such a scenario.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best reasons for the importance of shooting glasses. From simple improvements in your abilities thanks to a technological advancement, to the sheer value of always having a great pair nearby for daily wear, and especially when shooting. We will take you through some concepts you may not have recognized at their most acute angle, even if they seem obvious on the surface.

Clearly, we like our brand of safety and shooting glasses, but we think it’s important to understand a quality pair of glasses can come from several different places, and what’s most important s that you have a good pair. So, whether it’s a pair of GruntX Glasses or another brand, make sure you always understand their value and have a pair ready to go.

Here are our 5 best reasons for having great shooting glasses:

#5 reason shooting glasses are important: offering nuance to your chosen sport

When you are doing one of the dozens of mainstream shooting sports, or one of the other 100+ fringe or emerging shooting sports, it simply makes sense to optimize for your needs.

Given the nuance of the specific task at hand, you will often be able to benefit from subtle improvements thanks to custom tailored solutions to those tasks.

Take for instance: light blocking for use in a fast paced, hot environment of an outdoor pistol shooting competition or three-gun shoot. Being able to not have to worry about the sun blinding you and costing you several seconds because you have a good set of lenses on is important. This is especially true when your competitors may not have thought that through.

How about being able to notice the subtle color gradient change of a still deer, against a woodland background because your glasses ae affording you enhanced color accuracy. The way that certain colors or lenses for your shooting glasses can offer you enhanced abilities to recognize background blending of colors is important.

What about being able to pick up and find the outline of the clay pigeon faster because your lens offers enhanced viewing of orange spectrum colors. That can be the difference between mischaracterizing the leading edge and hitting your stride in a tough sporting clays tournament.

#4 reason shooting glasses are important: incremental improvements in your skills

But the benefits aren’t just about nuance. Sometimes you can get legitimate improvements with different lenses.

Peripheral vision is a pretty cool subject matter. Did you know that the mind actually has a mechanism that can help you to piece together what you cannot actually see from the anatomy of the eye? Did you know that as evolved as the human eye is, it is still unable to see everything and relies heavily on other senses and impulses that don’t materialize in your line of sight until your brain prompts your eyes to see it?

That’s a hard concept to follow, but it’s true. The human eye is a marvel of engineering, but it can’t do all the work itself. Subtle hints that the eye gives to the brain actually can help you to improve in different settings, if you know how to properly enhance the timing and locational aspects of those hints.

That’s why certain lens colors or lens designs can actually help to improve your skills. Your skills at being a human. Your skills at shooting a target, whether it’s a duck being flushed out of the reeds at water’s edge, or a stationary 1-mile steel man-sized target.

An example using a lens color choice

An example: amber lenses can help to define edges. That means there is help when you are scanning the horizon with your scope, looking for big game in a densely filled grassland. You’ll be able to see the tiny movements of a horn against the backdrop of tall grass.

That same lens color can minimize glare and starring that occurs when your eye is scanning and there are diffused light sources. That means that your brain understands its surrounding better and can update your eyes better.

The point? You get enhanced accuracy to your brain, which leads to faster response times and a better overall picture of what is actually happening. This means your eyes are improved, but they are also improving your overall perception of what exists in the focal plane.

This isn’t the only way you can enhance skills with great shooting glasses, but it’s an easy way to illustrate the concept.

#3 reason shooting glasses are important: setting you apart from competitors through increased performance metrics

Military users of high-performance eyewear don’t just use the glasses for safety, though they do utilize those aspects (more on this later). They have been using these glasses for huge benefits in pairing with NOD’s (night vision, etc.) and other tools for more than 2 decades.

Operators need to keep sand out of their eyes. Tighter profile shooting glasses with the right build specifications can do this, while cheap, untested shooting glasses skimp on features like these.

Polarization can enhance certain viewing angles and environmental challenges that otherwise are hard to counteract.

Furthermore, having a pair of glasses that don’t fog up can be the difference between a friendly fire incident and neutralizing the correct target. But not every performance metric involves warfighting and battleground proven scenarios.

Some of the most important situations happen every day, like when you need to have the shooting glasses for something else, and you don’t realize it until it would have already been too late. Like when the angle grinder shatters while you’re fabricating a project. Good thing you had appropriately rated safety/shooting glasses on.

Your eyes are pretty delicate. Having increased access to performance values helps you to progress at your desired pace instead of being stopped in your tracks.

#2 reason shooting glasses are important: A multi-purpose tool

Some people like having a single pair of glasses for everything they do. Some people like having a new pair of glasses for everything they do (Instagram models we’re looking at you here). But the idea that shooting glasses can be a multi-purpose tool is important. Forget having to have multiple pairs, when you can use the same pair if you choose wisely.

Or, use one of two pairs you chose as a set. Either way, having a pair of glasses on you is what’s important, for when you actually need them. What’s that old concealed carry mantra? Better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it. The same concept is true for quality eyewear. And that’s not just from a fashion perspective. You can use glasses like a tool to help you accomplish a task.

Polarized glasses are awesome for fishing. They are also good at the beach, especially if you don’t want to catch flak from your spouse about your wandering eyes.

Yellow Shooting Glasses or Amber Shooting Glasses can be used to help you minimize concerns while driving. There’s an entire article about this written this week on the blog for more information.

#1 reason shooting glasses are important: You only get one set of eyes – protect them

Well maybe not everyone. Didn’t Robocop get a new set of eyes? But the point is, you don’t want to take advantage of what you already have that’s functioning well. So, protect your eyes.

We, along with several other companies that are in the business of producing top-tier eye protection go above the basic industry standards of ANSI z87.1+ to the next level, very hard to attain standard of MIL SPEC PRF-32432. That means the glasses are structurally sound and able to holistically as a complete unit, protect your vision significantly better than basic eyewear.

These standards mean that you are getting a huge bump up on penetration protection. This also comes with enhanced breakage protection, comfort; chemical protection; and overall structural soundness.


We have highlighted 5 of the best reasons that shooting glasses are important. We feel like there are a lot more. But we feel confident that you have been given access to a precursory exploration of the most important. With that information, you can protect your eyes better. Enhance your natural shooting skills more effectively. Help you brain give you a more complete picture of your surroundings. Utilize your given choice in eyewear more effectively. And, find a way to overcome small nuances that can cost your time or effort through effective use of available options.

Ultimately, we think that shooting glasses make more sense than simply as something your dad told you to wear when you were shooting. We hope we’ve been able to make a strong argument for that viewpoint.

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