GruntX Tactical Ballistic Shooting Glasses Set Main


2-Pack Gift Set:

Smoked Polarized + Anti-Fog Clear

Ballistic Safety Glasses & Sunglasses
-Built for The Hard Road-

  • (1x) Smoked Polarized: Heavily polarized. Provides increased glare reduction for improved, sharp vision in demanding conditions without altering your color perception
  • (1x) Clear Anti-Fog: No tint or mirroring of any kind. perfect for indoor and outdoor situations that require zero distortions to your vision
  • (2x) Molle Soft Cases: A space saving, single-strap, vertical-mount design means you’ll maximize the available space on your Molle backpack or gear bag. Constructed using a 1000D nylon outer layer for superior puncture, rip, and scratch protection. The inside is lined with soft 2.5mm thick neoprene for superior crush and scratch protection without the bulkiness of a hard pouch
  • (2x) Sunglass Straps– Classic cotton eyewear retainers. Silicone tips hold tight to most standard size eyewear. Adjust bead to fit. Never worry about you’re your glasses falling off when you need them the most
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1+ & MIL-PRF-32432 impact testing standards


Understanding Safety Ratings:
Z87 | Z87+ | Ballistic Resistance

You may have noticed the marking “Z87” on general safety glasses. This marking designates basic job-site impact standards set by ANSI. Keep an eye out for a “+” sign after the Z87. The “+” means the glasses have passed “high mass” impact testing. These tests consist of dropping a 500g pointed weight at the lens from a height of 5ft. The lenses must also pass the test of having a ¼” steel sphere shot at them at 150 ft/s. The bottom line here is, always look for the Z87+ markings on your safety glasses because they offer much better protection.

MIL-PRF-32432 (Ballistic Resistance) is another level of testing entirely. Although there are no standardized markings for ballistic rated eyewear, the testing is standardized. A 15 caliber T37 shaped (5.85 grain) projectile impacts the lenses at ~ 650ft/s. The impact energy imparted on the lenses is 7x higher than that of the basic ANSI standard.

Ballistic resistant eyewear is a must when operating in high-risk environments. At GruntX, we believe Ballistic Eyewear should be used daily. We build reasonably priced, high quality, ballistic resistant eyewear that looks just as good at the beach as it does on the range.  

Lenses and Frame

Molle Pouches + Lanyards

Features and Dimensions

In The Box

1 –  (1) Pair of GruntX Polarized Safety Sunglasses

2 –  (1) Pair of GruntX Clear Safety Glasses

3 – (2) Molle Soft Cases for enhanced storage and carry

4 – (2) Sunglass Lanyards. Good for keeping your glasses on your face

4 – (2) Thick microfiber poly/ microfiber blend pouches. Great for gun bag storage and lens cleaning

3 – (2) Stylish boxes. Great for gift giving

5 – (2) GruntX hard hat or gun box sticker