What is the difference between hunting and fishing glasses

Not all glasses are created equally. In the case of fishing and hunting glasses, they are fundamentally used for different things, and that can have a huge impact on what type of glasses you choose for each activity. In this article, we will explore the differences between fishing and hunting glasses, and offer solutions to those needs. We will also explore the viability of using top-end glasses for carryover uses.

When you’re fishing, and when you’re hunting, or even when you’re doing other things like driving, the needs are different. Sometimes there is sun or glare; sometimes you need to make sure you have the most VLT (visible light transmission). That VLT concept can best be explained as the amount of light that can reach your optical nerve. Generally, the more light, up to a certain threshold, the better idea your brain has to process visual data. At some point, that light can be too bright and cause concern. Finding harmony between glare reduction and optimum VLT is important if you plan to use glasses for multiple activities.

What are the characteristics of traditional hunting glasses?

When hunting, color accuracy, and edge finding is important. But so is comfort and flexibility. Glare reduction can be important during certain parts of the day. Conversely, the ability to see without restriction is also important, so you’ll need to tailor glare reduction properly.

Obviously, you want to be able to feel good about the safety of your eyes. There is a little explosion happening inside the chamber of your favorite hunting gun each time you fire. And accidents can happen. Everything from unburnt powder to small pieces of brass or primer can be dangerous to eye health. So, safety is paramount.

Certain scenarios can cause heartburn if you aren’t thinking about them before you purchase a pair of hunting glasses too. If you’re in a cold hunting hide, and your hot breath is fogging up your safety glasses, it can be annoying. If hunting in the evening with a pair of dark polarized glasses, they may be useless to you. Glasses should act as if they aren’t there once you get used to them. They should be lightweight enough to feel comfortable. Additionally, the lenses should be free of distractions in the FoV (field of view). For hunting, you want close-fitting safety glasses that can be used with a scope easily, too.

Here’s a bullet point list for the characteristics of top-quality hunting glasses:

  • Comfortable and lightweight for all-day use
  • Tough and durable, with high safety ratings to protect you in case of an accident
  • Industry-standard certifications for penetration and debris protection
  • Unobstructed field of view
  • High level of anti-fog capabilities
  • Color accuracy, or at least the ability to see colors contrasted properly
  • High level of edge definition, especially in heavily wooded or high grass areas
  • Appropriate lenses for the environmental factors and changing environment

What are the characteristics of traditional fishing glasses?

Most people who fish, even if they take it to the extreme and do so very seriously, are pretty laid back. The same cannot be said about their attitude towards fishing tools and accessories. Everyone who fishes at any level wants the gear that will help to maximize results. Sure, it may be partially about beers and the boat, and relaxing on the water. But it’s also about catching fish. And fish are highly evolved, well-integrated competitors that have a vested interest in not getting caught.

Sometimes you’ll be on the water early – before the sun comes up. The 2-3 A.M. boat launches don’t mix with dark polarized glasses. Similarly, you don’t want to be caught without a pair of glasses when the glare starts as the sun rises in the sky. Having a pair that you feel comfortable in while waiting for your bait to catch the fish’s attention is important. But having a pair that can help you fight a monster on the open water with all the jumping and fighting is too.

Here are some characteristics to look for in the perfect pair of fishing glasses.

  • Great lens options, including a polarized option to cut water glare
  • Comfortable and close-fitting design for all-day wear
  • Able to be worn with other gear, like a hat
  • Salt water-resistant
  • A pair of glasses that can give you a strategic advantage when on the water
  • Potential for mirroring on the lenses

A brief overview of MIL-SPEC PRF-32432

MIL-SPEC PRF 32432 certification proves the durability and build quality as well as real-world strength and capabilities for a pair of glasses.  It’s important to understand that this is not just the penetration deflection capabilities of the lenses. To pass certification for the MIL-SPEC rating, the entire design has to be able to handle a variety of stringent tests. These tests include everything from chemical resistance of the frames to the overall architectural structure of the design. It goes beyond that even, into the ability for a pair of glasses to serve a military purpose if need be. The testing evaluates the way they fit, the way they move while under stress, etc.  

You can read about the specific testing requirements HERE.

It’s an interesting process, for example, here are some esoteric line items in the MIL PRF 32432 testing protocols.

  • Testing for flammability
  • Minimum of 7 separate standards to determine the glasses ability to be used in conjunction with other PPE
  • The carrying case has to be tested for potential breakage and can cause a failure to certify if they break
  • Saltwater corrosion resistance is tested to a high degree
  • Unobstructed field of view is mandatory
  • Abrasion resistance of all coatings, along with a humidity test and a coating adhesion torture test is performed

Eyewear Industry certifications are not easy to come by

It’s easy to see why not all glasses meet this hardcore MILSPEC testing standard. There exist only a handful relative to the market that do meet the standard. There is another test for glasses that is standardized and recognized, too. That is ANSI testing, specifically the ANSI Z87+ certification.  GruntX glasses are dually certified in MIL-SPEC PRF32432 and ANSI Z87+. This means that they are ridiculously tough, and even safe for use in warzones and work zones alike. To have these certifications puts our glasses in the upper echelon of the safety and personal protective equipment world.

Note: we aren’t the only company that has dual rating specifications, many of the top brands have product lines that have these ratings too. Here are some examples of other glasses that have these impressive ratings. This rating is standard for our ENTIRE LINE of safety, fishing, and shooting glasses. You can see them here.

Why having a pair of safety glasses that can work for fishing and hunting makes more sense

Remember when we opened this article about how fishing and hunting glasses do two fundamentally different things? That’s still true, as you can see above in the different sections highlighting characteristics. From the time we envisioned what GruntX could be, we envisioned building a product that had characteristics, specifications, and styling that allowed the products to be more than just a pair of glasses. 

We think there is a solution to buying and carrying multiple pairs of glasses to accomplish the various tasks you have on a daily and weekly basis. Carry a pair of glasses that can do it all. Carry a pair of glasses that are built to a better specification. Own glasses that you can feel safe in – because they hold a certification for safety that few others have. Own a pair of glasses that can help you gain a strategic advantage in your given tasks. Bring with you a pair of glasses that can be work daily, in casual and work situations without being awkward. We make glasses like that.

The case for GruntX glasses as a multi-purpose pair of glasses

Every single pair of GruntX glasses meets the same safety standards and has a build quality that exceeds industry standards. They also look good and fit in a variety of social settings. The styling and engineering mean they are built for sporting endeavors.

The quality of the lenses gives a lot of leeway to what can be done with the glasses too.

Here is why we argue that our glasses are perfect for regular life, fishing life, and hunting life.

  • Polarization options
  • Extreme durability and adherence to hard to attain safety standards
  • Excellent comfort
  • Unobstructed field of view
  • Great anti-fog capabilities
  • Superior build quality
  • Functional, tough carrying case
  • Close-fitting design
  • Superior lens quality with exceptionally low distortion concerns
  • They look and feel great anywhere, you’ll forget you’re wearing them
  • GruntX glasses are well priced. They can be packaged as a set of glasses for even more flexibility

Yes, we recognize that we are heavily marketing our product here. That’s because they truly fit all of the criteria of a perfect set of fishing glasses AND hunting glasses. 


With the right set of glasses or pair in a kit, you can get the type of versatility you need. This is true wherever you are: on the water or in the woods. For the drive to and from your favorite fishing hole our hunting hide. For the right balance during the shot, or as you set the hook. But you need to be able to identify your most important personal needs for your style of fishing and hunting.

Once you do that, you’ll find the right pair of glasses sort of “finds you”.  

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